Farming Today

With the current pressures of fertiliser use, prices, run-off, waterlogging and the need to produce your final product as efficiently as possible. Treat the soil as a living asset that needs water, oxygen and temperature to thrive.


The use of fertiliser, chemicals, and even GPS systems are all critical to growing productive grassland. But if the soil isn’t in the correct conditions to absorb/take up the fertilisers or chemicals, it’s irrelevant how accurately you spread them. You could spread agro chemicals accurately to the nearest gram/ha, but if the soil isn’t in the condition to make best use of it, it’s just wasted! Good efficient farming starts with the one thing we use to grow all our crops ... the soil! Get this right and efficiency will be at a new level.


There is nothing cheaper and more reliable to grow than grass! 

Grassland aeration has traditionally been done using conventional lightweight aerators in the spring when the soil is still wet to allow the machines to penetrate. Work rates are slow and the heaviest pieces of concrete or metal from the farmyard are used to ballast the frames of the machines. We promote the heavier and faster you use the machine, the drier and harder the soil, the better the job you will do. Not the traditional way!

Aerating through the summer months and into the autumn when the soil is dry will fracture and break up the compaction leaving air pockets within the soil. These air pockets will hold oxygen allowing micro-organisms and worms to thrive. The more air pockets you can create the more sponge-like the soil becomes, allowing better water retention, deeper, stronger root development, and ultimately stronger and more productive pastures. In the winter months these air pockets will allow the frosts to go deeper and create natural movement within the soil. In contrast these air pockets will warm up quicker in the spring giving you faster growth.


All these benefits with aeration can give you earlier turnout times, extended grazing in the autumn, reduced waterlogging, run-off, and better drought resistance. Extra grass growth can either increase stocking rates or reduce fertiliser use. AerWorx customers can boast over 20% improvement in grass growth in most situations.


The build quality of the machines is inherited from the States where the machines are used to clear scrub land, woodland fire breaks and aerate some of the toughest farmland in areas such as Texas and North Dakota. They are used by some of the toughest cowboys and down-time is not an option when hundreds of miles away on a ranch.

Solid axles running through the entire drum reduces shock and vibration to the rest of the machine and the driver. Drum bracing to the end plates stops any flexing and in turn stops the drums breaking up around the axles. These machines are aerators built for the toughest conditions at the highest speeds ... not rollers with blades welded to them!