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The AS330 - the new combination Aerator and applicator

Already on farm and taking orders, Aerworx's new combination aerator and applicator - the AS320/AS330/AS342.

The use of the aerator with an applicator maximises the efficiency of your single pass, cutting fuel costs, labour time and reducing the all important compaction risk created by repeat passes throughout the farm calendar.

Applications, dependant on the individual needs of your soil, could include: -

- liquid gypsum

- biostimulants e.g. fermented molasses, seaweed, liquid fishmeal products

As Stephen from Australia messaged:

" I see you have a new product....Spraying Fert at the same time as aerating. I totally vouch for this combination. I aerate then spray soil amendments. The 2 together gives soil health a major boost."

For further information on this new product, please contact Jason on 07500 898387

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