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Grassland Management

through Soil Health

Aerworx grassland aeration

Why Aerate?

Whether you are a livestock farmer or small holder, AerWorx Aerators are an essential part to maintaining and regenerating your soil, particularly if it is already compacted. Other applications include equestrian paddock management; equestrian competition grass surfaces; airfields, golf courses, sports fields, estate grounds and grass car park maintenance...or just about anywhere where there is compacted ground!



By fracturing your subsoil up to 30cm you will improve soil health creating a more porous environment resulting in:


      * improved water penetration and retention, preventing run off and water logging


      * improved oxygenation of the soil to help soil biology ( microbes and worms), required for the break down of organic matter and releasing nutrients for plant growth


     * improved root growth that doesn't have to struggle through a hard pan in dry, oxygen and nutrient deprived conditions.this ultimately results in:


     * increased grass yields

     * increased grazing periods

     * reduction in fertiliser costs

     * any supporting applications that are required are retained in your soil and not wasted in run off


The kinetic energy of the weight and speed of the bladed aerator on a single pass will cause this shattering effect whilst the penetrating slits allow the ingress of water.

Aerworx Grassland Aerator Pasture Aerator Agricultural Aerator, Large Aerator, Aerator roller,

Why Aerworx?

• Manufactured to exceptional standards with blades, unique to Aerworx, excelling in their durability and strength.

• A large range of different models and sizes to suit YOUR needs, with optional additional extras and the flexibility to work together to design a bespoke machine too.


• Aerworx has long standing niche experience in grassland management working closely with agronomists and dedicated soil experts. We take pride in offering advice to help you understand your land, how and when aeration will improve your grassland, pre and post sale. It is not just about the machine! With regenerative farming becoming such an important feature in today’s agricultural landscape, can you afford not to invest in your biggest asset….your soil? 🌱


The home of grassland aerators. AerWorx has been selling grassland aerators within Europe for nearly two decades, but there is a pedigree and experience of grass aeration going back 40 years in the States. This considerable aeration experience has given us the knowledge to produce a product suitable for the European market and beyond. From modest beginnings, AerWorx originally imported the machines from the States but as sales increased Aerworx started fabricating parts of the machines in the UK. As sales increased we were in a position to fully manufacture the machines ourselves, sourcing all the components from the UK. We are based in Hampshire - we're proud to be British!

Aerworx Grassland Aerator  Pasture Aerator
Ground maintenance, car parking maintenance

Blenheim Palace

“We chose the Aerworx aerator to de compact and stimulate grass to grow on permanent pasture parklands within the World Heritage site without damaging the surface. We not only use it on grassland before and after events but also on fields across the estate which suffer from years of compaction and poor root structure. Its simplicity, the ability to alter the weight of the machine 

to suit soil conditions and high work rates make it an extremely flexible and effective tool.”

Roy Cox – Rural Enterprises Manager

Garlic farm grassland

The Garlic Farm

"Good design. Good service. Good price.

Usually you never get more than two of these attributes for a product, but with Aerworx you get all three.

The aerator has an immediate effect on infiltration around the entry points and over time we are seeing massive improvements to pasture health by using this alongside mob-grazing."

Barnaby Edwards, Director

Blaber Enterprises Grassland Aeration Grassland Management  Grass

Blaber Enterprises

Blaber Enterprises are specialist small bale producers in Hampshire for the Equine industry.


“I’m just of the opinion that our weather patterns are going to remain unpredictable, so we have wanted a machine that could limit that unpredictability. With the Aerworx aerator we are encouraging root depth for dry conditions and soil structure improvement dissipates water during deluges. Our results speak for themselves. “

Alistar Blaber, Owner

In Association with

Neils Corfield

Proudly manufactured in
Great Britain



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Aerworx Grassland / Pasture Aerator
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