AerWorx has been selling aerators within Europe for the past eight years, but there is a pedigree and experience of aeration going back 40 years in the States. The experiences of the States have given us the knowledge to produce a product for the European market. From modest beginnings AerWorx originally imported the machines from the States; as sales increased we started fabricating parts of the machines in Somerset and Dorset. Soon after that we were in a position to fully manufacture the machines sourcing all the components from the UK.


All AerWorx Aerators are perfect for aerating compacted soil and increasing yields.


  • Slight to medium surface disturbance

  • Ideal for improving pastures suffering from

  • Increase water retention

  • Fracture subsoil up to 30cm

  • Reduce fertilisation costs

  • High work rates – single pass

  • Avoid run-off

  • Prevents standing water

  • Extended grazing and cutting periods

  • Increase grass and hay field production 

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Blenheim Palace

“We chose the Aerworx aerator to de compact and stimulate grass to grow on permanent pasture parklands within the World Heritage site without damaging the surface. We not only use it on grassland before and after events but also on fields across the estate which suffer from years of compaction and poor root structure. Its simplicity, the ability to alter the weight of the machine 

to suit soil conditions and high work rates make it an extremely flexible and effective tool.”

Roy Cox – Rural Enterprises Manager

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Somerton Recreation Ground

“These pitches, as you may not already know, have received awards from Somerset Playing Fields for the last three years. It now appears that I need to thank you as well as our groundsmen Andy & Wayne for your contribution towards these awards.”

Recreation Ground Management Committee


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