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3m x 20in Mounted Aerator

All sizes from 2-4m available

These machines are primarily used on amenity grass, racecourses and smaller areas of grassland or where the customer is lucky enough to have very light soil conditions. The blades are positioned in a way to give optimum weight per blade. The 3m version weighs 1150kg empty and 1600kg when it’s filled with water. As with all our machines smaller and larger widths are available (please see extras page) the drum is a 20in (500mm) diameter and has a 12mm thick wall. there are six rows of blades and all this is supported with a 2 1⁄2 inch axle running right through the entire drum. This is surrounded by the heavy duty AerWorx frame.

  • Road lighting kit (Standard or LED)

  • Solid baffle plate

  • Extra weight bracket

  • Toolbar (tines at extra cost)

  • Stone tray

  • Trailed version available if required

Please note all weights are approximate. All specifications are correct at the time of publishing and the manufacture reserves the right to make changes without notification.

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