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The AS330 Combination Aerator, Seeder, Harrow

The Aerworx AS330 machine is an all-in-one pass machine allowing you to do 3 jobs in one; aerate, overseed and harrow.

A 3m wide machine with a 30in drum, complete with 8 rows of 7”” long aerating blades surrounded by a strong heavy duty frame.

Overseeding is carried at by Stocks Ag Micro Meters with 12 outlet pipes using a Rotary feed and gravity delivery. Accurately meter and distribute small to medium seeds, (OSR, grass, mustard) micro and full-size granular products at low to medium rates. Can be applied in single rows or an even broadcast effect, Hopper capacity of 120 litres.


Harrowing is carried out with 2 rows of tines that are hydraulicly controlled so that you can control how aggressive they can be used.

Also available with seeder or harrow alone.

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